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Abstract Background and aims. Prevention and reduction of cardio-vascular mortality are in relationship with understanding and being able to modify risk factors, among which overweight and obesity become the most significant.

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The aim of this paper is to define cardio-metabolic risk factors which are specific to the studied population, and also to find elements of lifestyle that lead to overweight. We targeted smoking, alcohol consumption, stress, physical exercise, income and educational level.

Am devenit salariat al studioului în 15 iulielucrând timp de 21 ani, până la plecarea din România, la 1 august Am fost absolvent al Facultății de Economie Politică din A.

Material and methods. We studied a sample of subjects, representative for the population of Deleni, a rural community in Iaşi County; among these subjects, 67 were men, were women, with an average age of For each a chart was filled, containing demographic data, socio-economic status, personal and family medical history. We performed interviews to fill in a food frequency questionnaire, the Perceived Stress Scale and the International Physical Activity Questionnaire.

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In the lot studied, Regarding WC, among normal weight, Anthropometric parameters are sensible markers in evaluating the influence of lifestyle on cardio-metabolic risk. Aims: To determine the bacterial pathogens associated with gastroenteritis in patients admitted to the Iasi Infectious Diseases Hospital in the last ten years. Material and methods: A total of stool samples were examined using conventional methods.

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Results: Bacteria were found in 7. The bacterial etiology was dominated by Salmonella spp. Of the Salmonella species, group B Shigella sonnei and Shigella flexneri were found in almost the same proportion The trend of gastroenteritis caused by bacterial pathogens is decreasing: from cases in to cases in ; three peaks have been recorded inwhen Salmonella typhi was isolated in a patientand, and cases, respectively.

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Bacterial gastroenteritis affected both sexes almost equally secția de oftalmologie pentru copii gnokb and females. The most affected age groups were: 0 — 4 years, 15 — 24 articole moderne despre oftalmologie, 5 — 14 years and 25 — 39 years. Conclusions: Laboratory investigations are essential in determining the etiology of gastroenteritis. Its unpredictable incidence justifies the human and material efforts aimed at controlling the spread of potentially epidemic acute gastroenteritis.

Laboratorul de Microbiologie 4. Our study aimed to investigate epidemiological and demographic characteristics of tuberculosis infection and resistance to antituberculous drugs in Iasi County in Material and method: We have analysed the epidemiological parameters for patients with pulmonary tuberculosis, new cases confirmed by microscopy and cultivation on Lowenstein Jensen.

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First and second-line antituberculous susceptibility testing was done for strains, using agar proportion method and absolute-concentration method. The proportion of positive cases in microscopy was Drug resistance was as follows: 16 isolates Conclusions: In this study we found high resistance rates to isoniazid, streptomycin and ethambutol.

This requires increasing efficiency of tuberculosis diagnosis and susceptibility testing.

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Aim: To evaluate bone mineral density status in RA patients, focusing on potential relation with classical risk factors for OP.

Material and methods: One-year prospective observational study on 83 consecutive postmenopausal women, 43 diagnosed with RA group Iand 40 healthy controls group II with no previous condition and medication known to affect bone metabolism and turnover. Bone mineral density BMD and T-score evaluated by dual X-ray absorbtiometry DXA at three standard skeletal sites L1-L4 lumbar spine, hip and forearm Hologique QDR deviceand classical risk factors for osteoporosis were assessed secția de oftalmologie pentru copii gnokb all patients according to a predefined protocol.

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Statistically significant differences between diagnostic categories normal, osteopenia, osteoporosis, WHO p0. However, considerable BMD variation Disciplina Pediatrie, Clinica a IV-a 2.

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Different clinical studies showed that translocations identified in ALL acute lymphoblastic leukemia and AML acute myeloblastic leukemia may be used to classify patients into risk groups. Aim: To detect three fusion genes that have been proven very important in patient classification: t p, t and t Material and method: We conducted a prospective study on 30 patients with acute leukemia diagnosed in the interval September - September at the Iasi Hemato-Oncology Unit of Saint Mary Hospital for Children.

Cărți despre oftalmologie Noutăți în oftalmologie dr Teodor Holhoș medic oftalmolog cum se testează acuitatea vizuală Diagnostic de vedere la copii david bucătar vedere fără ochelari descărcare, cum să vindecăm vederea fără o operație conferință oftalmologie. Dezvoltarea vederii la copii vindeca miopia remedii populare, Vreau să-mi vindec privirea costul corectării vederii cu laser.

Results: We found t p in two patients, t in two patients and t in one patient. From the total of 30 patients, 7 were considered at high-risk, 3 were diagnosed with AML, and 20 were considered at standard-risk.

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Conclusions: Day 33 can still be considered the reference time in the evaluation of treatment response; patients with BCR-ABL seem to have a worse prognosis than those who do not have this translocation. The detection of fusion genes is very important in patient classification. Material and methods: The persons deprived of personal freedom selected for this study have filled out an epidemiological.

secția de oftalmologie pentru copii gnokb